Making indie films in Texas, winning festival awards, screening in NYC and LA, teaching film at Baylor, growing as an artist – a discussion with the excellent filmmaker Chris Hansen!

I have known Chris Hansen since the early 2000s, have screened one of his movies in Maryland, and helped him screen another one of his movies in NYC a few years ago. Chris’s films have been selected for screenings at film festivals nation wide, and have received positive reviews from The New York Times, LA Weekly and other media outlets. Recently he made a feature length drama about an interracial marriage – the first time he worked with a minority actor in a lead role in one of his movies. That movie – SEVEN SHORT FILMS ABOUT (OUR) MARRIAGE – was selected to the Cinequest film festival 2020. I had a great discussion with Chris about Covid-19 days, making indie movies since the early 2000s, future plans, learning new things and growing as an artist and as a person in general.

About Chris, from his website –

Chris Hansen is an award-winning writer and director, currently with four diverse feature films under his belt. His filmography includes Blur Circle, a powerful drama about a missing child, the poignant relationship drama Where We Started, the hilarious mockumentary The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, the touching road movie Endings, and the autobiographical short film Clean Freak.

He is also Chair of the Department of Film & Digital Media at Baylor University, teaching Directing and Screenwriting, among other courses; and what little spare time he has is spent tending to his four daughters with the help of his beautiful wife.”

Visit his website here.

Watch Chris’s film Where We Started at Amazon –

More on his other films, where to watch them, at his website, under Films –

June 2020 – June 2022 – A 2 year project to make and promote The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE to 10 million potential customers

The new plan is to spend June 2020 – June 2022 making and promoting/selling/distributing my new movie The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE (yes, that is the ridiculous and proper way to write out the title – SLOW ROMANCE for short 🙂 ) to 10 million potential customers. I hope to shoot the film this summer and fall in NYC, and have it ready for distribution by October 1 of this year. And the rest of the time will be spent on fundraising, setting up distribution and marketing that will reach 10 million potential customers world wide – and doing the said distribution and marketing, advertising, promo work. I have a rough idea of the cost for the project. When everything is done I will talk about all the details, and about how successful my epic indie/DIY distribution and marketing plan turned out to be. The early version of the Vimeo VOD page for the movie is here. I hope to make the film available through Amazon also – and perhaps through other VOD outlets. For the next two years SLOW ROMANCE will be the main project, with other films – shorts, side project features, old projects, also being completed and released. Exciting times ahead. The goal is worldwide fame for SLOW ROMANCE w/in 2 years :).

The Fantabulous WEREWOLF NINJA PHILOSOPHER Actor + Hollywood & Indie Screenwriter, Filmmaker Art Shrian Tiwari! – On Challenges & Victories!

The Fantabulous WEREWOLF NINJA PHILOSOPHER Actor + Hollywood & Indie Screenwriter, Filmmaker Art Shrian Tiwari! – On Challenges & Victories!

I had a great discussion with Art Shrian Tiwari – who was the lead actor in my Werewolf Ninja Philosopher movie. We discussed Art’s work as a screenwriter, acting in Werewolf, and the 2 new indie films, other projects that he is working on at the moment. Informative, in-depth talk on film creativity in the Covid-19 days, pursuing Hollywood work – challenges and victories, and generating work as an indie artist. Great interview for filmmakers, actors, and Werewolf movie fans!

Check out Werewolf Ninja Philosopher movie here (FREE during the Covid-19 crisis) –

Art’s website – for info on many projects –

Art on Twitter –

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Here’s Art on IMDb –

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On Lynn Shelton, end of early 2000s type indie film world, end of Hollywood as main filmed entertainment provider, & the current amazing web video age – Indie Film + Other Art + Positivity Vlog ep #2

See all vlog episodes on this page –

More info on Lynn Shelton here –…

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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher on YouTube + a discussion with lead actor Art Shrian Tiwari

Discussion with Art Shrian Tiwari coming this weekend…

Ian Simmons – Birth of a Chicago film critic who has done 500+ film podcast episodes, + a discussion of Godard’s GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE

I had an entertaining conversation with Chicago based film critic Ian Simmons about how he got started with film criticism, and his previous life as an artist making fine art/drawings. Part 2 of the conversation is audio only due to tech problems (I added a still image for a few mins, plus a video shot from Brooklyn, NY – other than that it’s only audio in this part). In the second segment of this part 2 of the interview we discuss Jean-Luc Godard’s complicated, difficult for some, exhilarating for others experimental movie GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE.

Check out Ian’s 500+ film podcast episodes here –

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The Super Talented Bryan Edward Hill! – On writing Zone 414 (new Guy Pearce movie), Titans TV show, comic books, indie days in NYC, and diversity in Hollywood – great convo!

I had a long and informative discussion with screenwriter and comic book writer Bryan Edward Hill about his exciting career. Bryan comes from a NYC indie film background – after film school in NYU – and he has found success in Hollywood. Bryan is the screenwriter of the upcoming Guy Pearce movie Zone 414. He also writes for the TV show Titans. And he has written comic books for Marvel and DC. In addition to filmed content talk we discussed his experience with diversity in Hollywood. Plus we talked about Bryan’s new indie filmmaking ambitions and plans. This is a great episode about filmmaking, building a career in entertainment, and keeping yourself going in a difficult world.

A Beautiful Day In Brooklyn! – 5/15/20 – walk in Brooklyn – Visual Notes NYC Covid-19 Days, + Sony MC88 camcorder cinematic look test

A Beautiful Day In Brooklyn! – 5/15/20 – Visual Notes NYC Covid-19 Days – Sony MC88 camcorder – a cinematic look test

See MUSIC section below for detailed notes on music used in the film. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Life is slowly coming back to normal in Brooklyn as NYC continues to battle and recover from Covid-19. Here’s a 12 mins+ walk in Brooklyn for those who miss it or miss walking around in it – filmed on 5/15/20 – a beautiful Friday.

I also wanted to see if the new Sony MC88 camcorder could be used for making my upcoming fiction features. I was 99% certain that the camera would perform well, since it is closely related to the excellent Sony AX100 and the Sony NX80 camcorders – however, it is a good idea to check.

So I walked around my neighborhood – in Sunset Park, Brooklyn – and filmed some street scenes. This was done on Fri 5/15/20 – a beautiful, sunny day. Then I did some of my preferred post work on the video footage, added music and titles and finished the short movie.

Overall I was very happy with the camcorder. I need to use the higher stabilization options, and shoot manual for better aperture control the next time I shoot a film with the camcorder. With some work in post, and by carefully capturing original footage, I believe amazing things can be done with the Sony MC88.

And I am very happy with seeing people enjoying life, getting things done, while social distancing and being safe – thinking of everyone’s well being. NYC will recover and will be an excellent place to enjoy life once again.


Latin Industries by Kevin MacLeod Link:… License:…

* Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod

Link:… License:…


Poppers and Prosecco by Kevin MacLeod Link:… License:…


Adding The Sun by Kevin MacLeod Link:… License:…


Energizing by Kevin MacLeod Link:… License:…


Zigzag by Kevin MacLeod Link:… License:…

Video Copyright 2020 Sujewa Ekanayake

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The theory of indie filmmaker happiness & camcorders, a cinematic look secret, THE AMAZING Sony MC88 – unboxing video!

I was fortunate to get access to, as a part of some work being done for friends, a new Sony MC88 camcorder – which was released last year – basically an HD only version of the excellent Sony NX80 or the AX100 camcorders. The MC88 has the same body and the same 1″ sensor as the other two camcorders – but at a lower price due to the MC88 being HD only, not 4K. I will be using it to film my upcoming fiction feature SLOW ROMANCE – in September hopefully. I did an unboxing video – using my ‘single take, no edits’ approach – the one I use for my Skype interviews. Check it out below. In the video I talk about why some indie filmmakers are happy with prosumer camcorders as their main creative tool, and I remind people that the secret to a great cinematic look is post work – specially excellent color grading work.

Chicago film critic and artist Ian Simmons will reveal secrets of film criticism, art, and Chicago – probably

In an upcoming interview – coming this weekend to this page!

In the meantime, check out his website here.

Ian is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association.