Brandon David Wilson interview

Filmmaker Brandon David Wilson interview – On Covid19, Sepulveda movie, the future, growing up in LA

On 5/2/20 the guest on Sujewa’s Single Take, No Edits Interview Show! for NYC Fantastic blog was Brandon David Wilson – LA based filmmaker and film teacher. Check out Brandon’s excellent second feature Sepulveda here –

From Sepulveda site – “In 2016, BDW debuted his second feature film, this time co-directed with his wife Jena English (who also shot the film in 1080p HD), Sepulveda at the 2016 Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City. Filmed without a screenplay, Sepulveda stars non-professional actors playing versions of themselves on a road trip down the longest street in Southern California. Sepulveda screened at the Silicon Beach Film Festival and the Culver City Film Festival where it won awards for its ensemble cast and a special achievement award.

BDW lives with his family and his Blu-Ray player in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. He is currently plotting projects, teaching film, and tweeting.”

Read the rest of BDW’s bio at the site, on About Us page –

UPDATE 5/6/20 – This interview coming later this week to Vimeo.

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