John Crye – Memento, other films from Newmarket Films

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John Crye developed, produced or acquired for distribution films for Newmarket Films and later Wrekin Hill Entertainment. The list of films he worked on include Memento, The Prestige, Downfall, The Passion of the Christ, Velvet Goldmine, The Mexican, American Pie, Donnie Darko, Real Women Have Curves, Whale Rider, Monster. We had a lengthy discussion about John’s experience during these Covid-19 days, early days in the arts, getting started at Newmarket Films by making Memento, and many other related subjects. John has a lot of experience with indie film distribution and production – so this is a great episode for filmmakers and fans of the film world.

For more on John’s current work/services for filmmakers visit this site –

Interview Copyright 2020 NYC FANTASTIC/Sujewa Ekanayake

One reply on “John Crye – Memento, other films from Newmarket Films”

Great interview, really like John, he is such a grounded humble man. Thanks for showing.

Cheers Isabel

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