June 2020 – June 2022 – A 2 year project to make and promote The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE to 10 million potential customers

The new plan is to spend June 2020 – June 2022 making and promoting/selling/distributing my new movie The Secret Society For SLOW ROMANCE (yes, that is the ridiculous and proper way to write out the title – SLOW ROMANCE for short 🙂 ) to 10 million potential customers. I hope to shoot the film this summer and fall in NYC, and have it ready for distribution by October 1 of this year. And the rest of the time will be spent on fundraising, setting up distribution and marketing that will reach 10 million potential customers world wide – and doing the said distribution and marketing, advertising, promo work. I have a rough idea of the cost for the project. When everything is done I will talk about all the details, and about how successful my epic indie/DIY distribution and marketing plan turned out to be. The early version of the Vimeo VOD page for the movie is here. I hope to make the film available through Amazon also – and perhaps through other VOD outlets. For the next two years SLOW ROMANCE will be the main project, with other films – shorts, side project features, old projects, also being completed and released. Exciting times ahead. The goal is worldwide fame for SLOW ROMANCE w/in 2 years :).