Making indie films in Texas, winning festival awards, screening in NYC and LA, teaching film at Baylor, growing as an artist – a discussion with the excellent filmmaker Chris Hansen!

I have known Chris Hansen since the early 2000s, have screened one of his movies in Maryland, and helped him screen another one of his movies in NYC a few years ago. Chris’s films have been selected for screenings at film festivals nation wide, and have received positive reviews from The New York Times, LA Weekly and other media outlets. Recently he made a feature length drama about an interracial marriage – the first time he worked with a minority actor in a lead role in one of his movies. That movie – SEVEN SHORT FILMS ABOUT (OUR) MARRIAGE – was selected to the Cinequest film festival 2020. I had a great discussion with Chris about Covid-19 days, making indie movies since the early 2000s, future plans, learning new things and growing as an artist and as a person in general.

About Chris, from his website –

Chris Hansen is an award-winning writer and director, currently with four diverse feature films under his belt. His filmography includes Blur Circle, a powerful drama about a missing child, the poignant relationship drama Where We Started, the hilarious mockumentary The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, the touching road movie Endings, and the autobiographical short film Clean Freak.

He is also Chair of the Department of Film & Digital Media at Baylor University, teaching Directing and Screenwriting, among other courses; and what little spare time he has is spent tending to his four daughters with the help of his beautiful wife.”

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