The theory of indie filmmaker happiness & camcorders, a cinematic look secret, THE AMAZING Sony MC88 – unboxing video!

I was fortunate to get access to, as a part of some work being done for friends, a new Sony MC88 camcorder – which was released last year – basically an HD only version of the excellent Sony NX80 or the AX100 camcorders. The MC88 has the same body and the same 1″ sensor as the other two camcorders – but at a lower price due to the MC88 being HD only, not 4K. I will be using it to film my upcoming fiction feature SLOW ROMANCE – in September hopefully. I did an unboxing video – using my ‘single take, no edits’ approach – the one I use for my Skype interviews. Check it out below. In the video I talk about why some indie filmmakers are happy with prosumer camcorders as their main creative tool, and I remind people that the secret to a great cinematic look is post work – specially excellent color grading work.